2+12 Blackbow Set


The ultimate multi-hook fishing system.
If you can’t decide which Mini-trace style or size to buy then this combo set is a great deal for you and a mate!
2 x Blackbow rigs
2 x 1oz sinkers
2 x travel tubes
4 x hanger caps
Select 12 x Mini-trace packs:
Mini-Trace Fish Skin - #6
Mini-Trace Fish Skin - #12
Mini-Trace Flasher - #10
Mini-Trace Flasher - #14
Mini-Trace Red Shrimp - #10
Mini-Trace Red Shrimp - #14
Mini-Trace Glow Fly - #8
Mini-Trace Glow Fly - #12
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If you are one of those anglers that are frustrated with tangled sabiki rigs or have given up on them altogether, then the BlackBow is for you.

  • Less tangles
  • Less foul-hooks
  • Easy lure change
  • Easy storage
  • Easy clean
  • Reusable

Connect your choice of mini-trace then you’re ready to start fishing.

*For more information on the mini-traces, see the descriptions on individual product pages.

Weight780 g
Dimensions910 × 140 × 50 mm